Third Eyesight Knowledge Series@ Conducts. First Series
of Workshop on Textile Facts and Fabric Sourcing


August 15, 2008

The industry is looking for directions to improve its manufacturing and sourcing skills. Third Eyesight is providing important inputs for the same by organizing series of workshops and training sessions for the industry.

The apparel and textile industry has grown and matured a lot over the last few years – from an unorganized to an organized sector. However, this in turn has increased the need for constant improvement and upgradation of knowledge and skills. Keeping this in mind, various companies and consulting agencies are these days conducting regular workshops and training sessions and are trying their best to contribute to the growth of industry. Third Eyesight, a Delhi-based consulting firm, is following the same track and has taken the job of organizing a series of workshops related to the industry. The firm recently presented its first series of industry-focused workshops and seminars under the tag name Third Eyesight Knowledge Series@ on Textile Facts &Fabric Sourcing. The Third Eyesight Knowledge Series@ comprises several workshops, designed and developed to help functiona heads, line managers and executives, who upgrade themselves and attain product expertise. Moreover, the workshops have been designed as an integrated series where each module is complete and self-contained that allows participants the flexibility to attend either complete series or select independent modules according to their requirements.
The first part of series that was held in Delhi focused on clothing, textile and fashion industry. It covered topics related to Product Development, Supply Chain Management, Fabric Sourcing, Merchandise Buying and Planning, Business Communication and Fashion Brand Management. The prime
The workshops have been designed as an integrated series where each module is complete and selfcontained that allows panicipants the flexibilitvto aRend either complete series or select independent modules
objective of the event was to impart information about fabrics that are usually used by the apparel industry; identify the sources of these fabrics in the domestic and international source markets; understand costing of textiles ba1>edon the value addition and finishing processes carried out on them and acknowledged participants about end uses of textiles.
Sharmila Katre, Consultant at Third Eyesight, has been associated with the Clothing and Textile Industry for the last 28 years, conducting programmes and enlightening the participants about the facets of this industry. She has been teaching the subject at various fashion institutes including the NIFT,Pearl Academy and the Institute of Home Economics in Delhi.
Professionals from different brands, retail business and those engaged in design and product development participated at the event and appreciated the content of the workshop and the way concepts were presented. They felt that topics were very current and relevant to their requirements. Many mentioned that the workshop helped them in acquiring understanding of the basic and primary raw material, and resource of the business in their own company. Participants liked the one-onone interaction sessions between the workshops as they realized that many problems faced by them were common across the industry and were able to share opinions and suggested solutions. The next workshop in the Third Eyesight Knowledge Series@ would focus on Creating and Managing Fashion Brands and will be held at the ITC Sheraton, Delhi on 23rdAugust.

Source: ApparelOnline

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