Food Tech Holland Enters India


March 28, 2011

Images Food , March 28, 2011

The Indian presence of the Dutch supply chain cluster, Food Tech Holland, was formally launched by Ashok Sinha, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, at the recently held Food Forum India 2011 in Mumbai.

The Food Tech Holland is a consortium of highly innovative Dutch companies operating in the food sector, providing hi-tech solutions along the supply chain. The technologies provided by the cluster provide its customers a strong competitive edge, resulting in better quality, productivity and efficiency. These technologies can be tailored to the specific needs in the Indian food market. The cluster’s intention is to increase the commercial involvement of Dutch companies in food processing and agro-logistics sector in India.

Sinha welcomed the initiative and encouraged the Food Tech Holland cluster companies to actively participate in the Indian supply chain, including the mega food parks that the government is promoting to create competitive and large-scale food production and processing in the country.

The cluster’s strength lies in its integral approach to the chain, including food processing, cooling techniques, logistics, distribution and food safety. Accordingly, the four areas include Vegetables & Storage (Rijk Zwaan, Tolsma, Kiremko, East-West), Bakery (Capway, Rademaker, Market Food Group), Meat & Processing (Hypor, MPS) and Cooling & Services (IBK Groep, Metaflex, RBK, Partner Logistics).

Some of these companies are already active in the Indian market. These include Metaflex, which is the first European manufacturer of special-purpose doors to set up a manufacturing plant in India, the seed companies East-West and Rijkzwaan (East West already employs around 200 people in its Indian facilities), vegetable storage technology company Tolsma and potato processing equipment company Kiremko.

The cluster is supported by governmental institutions as well as other public stakeholders such as the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (LNV), NL Agency, Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) and Wageningen University (WUR) and private organisations such as Larive.

The cluster’s launch in India was assisted by specialist consulting firm Third Eyesight, which works with leading consumer brands, retailers and companies in the retail supply chain.