August 1, 2022

Devangshu Dutta

Founder & Chief Executive, Third Eyesight

Devangshu Dutta is chief executive of Third Eyesight, and managing partner of PVC Partners, an early stage investment advisory firm During his career of more than 3 decades, he has consistently worked at ahead of the curve businesses.

Devangshu began his formal career in the consumer sector in 1990 with the leading retail chain in India of that time, eventually heading the category that contributed one-third of the company’s sales. He then worked as part of the launch team of a 50:50 JV of an international fashion brand in marketing & distribution. Thereafter, he joined a small management consulting firm at its very early stage and contributed to its growth into the largest consulting firm in the retail and consumer products sector as a joint-venture with the leading global consulting firm in the sector. In 1999-2000, the very early days of the internet in India, he co-founded a web-enabled supply chain solutions business. Subsequently, Devangshu founded Third Eyesight (a specialist management consulting firm) in 2003 and co-founded PVC Partners (an early-stage venture acceleration firm) in 2007.

Consulting: Devangshu has led consulting engagements related to strategy, operations and organisational change for clients from Asia, Europe, and the USA, with size ranging up to annual sales of over US$ 80 billion, from sectors including lifestyle and fashion, food & grocery, agri-business, home & DIY, consumer services, quick service restaurants, e-commerce, information technology, professional services and social development. Third Eyesight’s clients include market-leading corporate businesses and family firms from across the world, as well as government organisations and trade associations in various sectors.

Work with Start-Ups: Through PVC Partners, Devangshu has engaged with companies from sectors including pharmaceutical research, renewable energy, women’s empowerment, healthcare, education and technology. Since 2007, PVC Partners has worked with over 150 entrepreneurs in various ways, and with incubators, accelerators and investors to structure acceleration programs (discovery-to-launch support for selected entrepreneurs, address their key weaknesses, and promote cross-enterprise learning).

Engagement in Community Work: Devangshu is also actively involved in social causes; among others, those related to education of economically-disadvantaged children (through a charitable trust in Delhi and an NGO running free schools for rural children), in environmental and sustainability initiatives (including tree plantation in urban and semi-urban areas and promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyles), and in promoting harmony and dialogue between diverse social and faith groups.

Sharing the Experience: Regularly invited to speak at premier industry events internationally, he is quoted frequently and has been writing regularly for print and electronic media for over two decades. His articles and papers are used as reference material globally by industry professionals and by prominent universities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Devangshu also serves actively on the Industry Advisory Boards of leading Universities and Institutes.